Schaffitzel's girders and systems form the basis for realising your very special buildings. To achieve this we use innovative and varied special types of wood such as beech, accoya, larch and Douglas fir.

You too can use the expert knowledge of our specialists to make full use of the potential of the virtually unlimited planning and design options.

We supply glued laminated timer

  • In the strength classes GL 24c, 24h, 28c, 28h, 30c
  • Girders up to 45m long
  • Beams 10-26 cm wide
  • Fire-resistance ratings R30 B, R60 B
  • Various forms of glulam: straight, curved and twisted
  • Block-laminated members
  • Pitched cambered beams, fish-bellied beams, parallel beams, curved beams, mono-pitch trusses, three-hinged trusses with tie-rod, truss beams and various forms of suspended beams
  • Fixed glulam supports
  • Made from special types of wood such as accoya, beech, larch, Douglas fir
  • All laminated timber is made by the European Codex DIN EN 14080:2013