Supporting structures made of glued laminated timber

Normal concrete- and steel reinforced concrete supports in hall constructions are facing a strong competitor. Fixed supports made of laminated timber are more ecological, they look good and provide a pleasant indoor climate. They also have a wealth of technical advantages. There are basically five ways in which timber constructions can be joined to the foundation. The decision is based on the requirements of each project:

  • Fixed supports with slotted-in steel parts
  • Fixed supports with Induo anchors
  • Fixed supports with threaded rods glued in place
  • Fixed supports with epoxy resin base
  • Fixed supports with steel element and 45° screw fastening

These types of supports can also be used as crane runway supports. In this case success speaks for itself. Several halls were built in a very short time using this type of support – to the great satisfaction of our customers

How you benefit

  • Advantages for wall components or conduits
  • Lower costs for the shell construction
  • Improved appearance, particularly for exhibition rooms
  • Enable fast and uninterrupted assembly of the whole carpentry
  • Wood sections are naturally F30
  • Ecologically sound

We shall be happy to advise you on which timber support best suits your project.

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