Working in partnership. Making use of synergies. Winning together.

We offer our services to timber construction businesses, supporting you and cooperating with you so that you succeed with your clients. Collaborating together as partners, we can use timber even when the typical choice would be steel or concrete. Everyone wins: you, your client and ourselves.

Because we are, like you, convinced that timber is an excellent building material – thanks to its aesthetics, flexibility and environmental friendliness. There are good reasons why wooden structures are increasingly catching on in industrial and commercial construction.

As a family business with over 100 years of experience, we are a strong behind-the-scenes supplier for our clients. You will be able to take advantage of our expertise and know-how to bolster your offer.

How you benefit:

  • We have decades of experience and a high level of customer satisfaction. Especially in the long-standing partnership-based cooperation with many other companies
  • We develop economically-optimised solutions with you
  • We're happy to carry out partial contracts that contribute to the successful outcome of the overall project
  • Choose between partial solutions or letting us create the entire structure with you
  • We can provide CAD drawings as part of the quotation
  • We calculate structural analyses with our own design office
  • We deliver and install special parts upon request, and support you during the joinery and assembly

We`re happy to advise you on your planned project and we look forward to successfully collaborating in partnership with you.