The fascination of accoya glulam

Schaffitzel belongs to one of the few companies worldwide that manufacture Accoya glulam.

Accoya is a 100% non-toxic wood that comes from sustainable forests and is more dimensionally stable and durable than even the best tropical hardwoods.

Accoya wood has been tested for prolonged periods of time in a range of weather conditions – aboveground, underground and even in water – impressively demonstrating its resilience even in the toughest environments.

The technology involved in manufacturing Accoya is based on acetylation (with acetic acid), a process that is the result of eight decades of research and development. Absolutely no non-naturally occurring substances are introduced to the wood.

Accoya glulam has already been used to create impressive constructions. A fascinating example is "sneek", two heavy load bridges built by Schaffitzel in the Netherlands.

Overview of the performance advantages:
- Excellent dimensional stability
- Durability: Class 1 – can be used outdoors. At least 50 years above ground and 25 years underground or with freshwater contact.
- Resistance to insects and fungi
- Simple machining process
- Consistent, measurable quality
- From sustainable forests
- Non-toxic
- 100% recyclable
- Ideal for optical finishing (coatings on Accoya last three times longer)
- Resistance to UV light

Discover for yourself the aesthetics and sustainability of Accoya glulam. We would be happy to prepare a quotation for you.