Treetop walk an observation tower "Panarbora"

Deutsches Jugendherbergswerk Landesverband Rheinland e.V., Düsseldorf
Tom Ahrens, ahrens & eggemann, Waldbröl
Consulting and analysis:
Ingenieurbüro Miebach, Lohmar
Structural engineering:
Harrer Ingenieure, Karlsruhe
Schaffitzel Holzindustrie
Year of construction:
2014/15, finished in August 2015

Technical Data

40 m observation tower with 12 to 18 m diameter. 540 m bidge between the treetops
Our role:
CAD-drawings, execution timber construction

Scope of performances

The timber observation tower with a height of 40 meters and the treetop walk with a length of 540 meters are the main attraction of the nature park „Panarbora“, that is situated 40 km from Cologne.
The height of the treetop walk goes from 4 meters at the beginning to 24 meters when the circular path finally leads into the timber observation tower. By the varying height of the path different vegetation zones of the forest can be experienced. After passing the treetop walk, you can ascend the timber tower. On the top is a big platform from which you can enjoy the overwhelming view. Two circular arrangements of each 12 vertical glulam columns form the main construction. These are protected from weathering by a lateral cladding of spruce three-layer-plates and a titanium zinc cover on the top.
With a length of more than 1.200 meters the treetop walk Panarbora belongs to the longest treetop walks in Germany. Furthermore, both treetop walk and timber tower, are wheelchair accessible.

Photos: Uwe Völkner / Fotoagentur FOX and Schaffitzel Holzindustrie