Traunreut, DE

roofed truss bridge
City of Traunreut
Büro Dietrich, Traunstein
Structural analisis:
Büro Köppl, Rosenheim
Year of construction:

Technical data:

Truss bridge with wood columned and copperprovision
59,50 x 3 m
Our role:
Project supervision and construction

Special features:

Traditional construction with a fresh look: The roofed truss bridge with a length of 50 m is self-supporting and extends over the Traun river in Bavaria, near the city of Pertenstein, taking a transparent, modern and light effect. This sophisticated timber construction allows well-known architects to show their distinctive style combined with an elegant design, which is e.g. expressed by clear rhythmic truss node details and special roundwood beams. The combination with an unobtrusive steel balustrade with a wooden handrail rounds off the picture while preserving the tradition of truss buildings.