Gera, DE

Stress ribbon bridge in Gera
Bundesgartenschau Gera
Büro Dietrich, Traunstein
Completition timber construciton:
Schaffitzel Holzindustrie
Schaffitzel+Miebach in cooperation with Büro Malthaner
Year of construction:

Technical data

Block laminated bridge beam made of glue laminated timber. Protected by a sheet metal on top.The balustrade of steel is laterally attached at the main beam. Handrail of larch. The bloc beam is laterally covered with a three- layer slab. The bridge applies as a protected construction (according to German standard DIN 1074:2006).
Length 225 m, width between 2,50 and 3,80 m
Execution planning in collaboration with the office. Malthaner, project monitoring, execution, construction management.

Special features

A pedestrian and bicycle bridge of considerable length was constructed for the Federal Horticultural Show 2007 taking place in Ronneburg, in the Eastern part of the Federal State of Thuringia, and in the city of Gera. The bridge extends over a valley, the so-called Gessental, a former uranium ore mining area. For the first time, a bloc glued laminated timber beam was used as a stress ribbon with a length of 225 m. The probably longest bridge of this kind in Europe was given a name that fits quite well: “Dragon’s Tail”. It received the German Timber Construction Award.